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Our Team

Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory has studied Master’s in Space Studies from an elite astrophysics institute. She is multi-skilled in technical knowledge that helps her to understand complicated subjects of the outer space. Mary directs the science department and writes articles, newsletters, about the solar system, international space agencies, satellite liftoffs, galaxies, and research & innovation. Mary is associated with us from the last 7 years and at present works as a chief editor for our portal. She provides in-depth information, articles, news, and other captivating facts that keep our readers engrossed.

Email id:- [email protected]

Phone No:- +1 317-183-5571

Brandon Cass

Brandon Cass has studied Masters of Business Administration in Finance and previously has worked in a top MNC across the country. He manages the media business and comprehensive business-related blogs and other content for our portal. He is associated with us from the last 9 years and his subjects of interest are industrial earnings, finance strategies, IPOs, the economy of top nations, and business agreements. Brandon helps the readers through our services that cover all segments of financial administration. Additionally, he guides our clients on improving a financial policy that fits well in their prerequisites and facilitates them to accomplish short-duration and long-duration goals.

Email id:- [email protected]

Phone No:- +1 317-617-1034

James Harris

James Harris is the Sr. Content Writer of our news portal and is associated with us from the last 6 Years. He has pursued Electrical Engineering. James is an avid writer and overlooks our technology-related newsletters and articles on new research and development. He is linked with other columnists across the nation via a forum, wherein the network and contribute to ideas. As an active member of the portal, James is faithful to help businesses and people with his cooperative opinion on various technological assessments. He frequently attends industrial training and certification curriculums to be updated with the latest innovations and build up professional skills.

Email id:- [email protected]

Phone No:- +1 317-210-7771

Kendra Mulkey

Kendra Mulkey is a senior contributor to our portal and has studied Master’s of Medical Biotechnology. She writes about articles, newsletters, and blogs on the trending topic that are healthcare-centered. Kendra is focused on federal health agencies’ newsletters, new drug approvals, medical research, and principles about the treatment. She is a visionary and strategic person with extensive experience in this field and has in-depth knowledge to promote a culture of diversity. In the past, Kendra worked with one of the leading publishers, where she executed the talent and development curriculums for companies.

Email id:- [email protected]

Phone No:- +1 317-491-3131