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Whether it’s because you’re in an airplane or you’re about to hit your data Cap for the month, there are times when Netflix streaming isn’t possible. Thankfully, the streaming service offers the option to watch your content offline, let’s take a look at how to download movies from Netflix and how to download Netflix shows.

When you are free time and you do not even have a net, what will you do?
So, you’re about to board a plane or jump in the car for the world’s longest road trip. you already know WI-FI won’t be available, so how can you watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix?

Start off by launching the Netflix app. From there, look for any movie you are interested in to watch.
Once you pick a movie that supports offline viewing, tap the download icon next to the where icon. once your movie is done downloading, tap the download icon on the bottom navigation. These are where you can watch and manage all of your downloaded content.

Once you’re done watching a movie, go back to the downloads section and tap the pencil icon on the top right. select the movie you finished watching and tap the trash can icon on the tap right to delete it and free up some space on your device.

The process is mostly the same when it comes to downloading TV shows, open the Netflix app, and find shows that you like. assuming it supports offline viewing, you’ll find the download icon next to an episode description.

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t support downloading an entire season at once. This gives you the liberty of picking and choosing which episodes you want to watch, but it can be tedious if you want to watch an entire season.

Even the process of managing your downloaded shows is the same as it is for downloaded movies. Tap the download icon on the bottom navigation bar to watch and delete episodes.


1. Open the Netflix app
2. Tap on a show that supports offline viewing
3. Tap the download icon next to an episode description
4. Tap the download icon on the bottom navigation bar
5. Enjoy or delete your show!

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