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Players Unknown Battleground mobile Royal pass season 13 Now Available Here’s What’s a new

Pubg mobile recently received the 0.18.0 Update last week that brought along with it some cool features and weapons to the game.

Know the popular Battle Royale game has introduced the new Royal pass season 13 which comes with a Toy Playground theme adding new costumers and character animation.

The new season also adds a brand new male character, Andy, whose ability is to increase the speed of drawing and holstering guns.

The new Royal pass brings the power Ranger mythic outfit, vector skin, four new emotes, and much more. out of these new items, I’ve ranger or fire ranger unlocks at Rank 50 and the ultra Defender set at rank 100.

In addition to the above, there is also a puppet agent outfit that comes in there forms, which player shuffles between in the game using in the wardrobe option. reaching the highest rank will upgrade this outfit to mythic rarity.

The elite Royal pass cots 600UC and the elite upgrade plus Royal pass is 1,800 UC. if players do not wish their Royal pass, then they can compete for the free Royal pass mission and Unlock the rewards.

The biggest update that you will see in season 13 is the change to the PUBG mobile’s Miramar map. the map now features new landscapes, housing areas roads, and resources. there are also new weapons, UI changes, new currency, and skins, added with the latest update.

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