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PM Modi, CMs not in favor of lifting lockdown entirely

PM Modi also emphasized that social distancing remains the ” biggest weapon “

against the virus still, a vaccine is found and suggested that the lockdown may not be lifted entirely.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that states will have greater say in determining the extent of restrictions and relaxation after May 17, within the board national framework while underlining that India faced two challenges– reducing the transmission rate of a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and resuming public activity gradually, He also emphasized that social distancing remains the ” biggest weapon ” against the virus still vaccine is found and suggested that the lockdown may not be lofted entirely.

In his fifth interaction with the chief minister of the pandemic, according to the participants at the meeting, PM Modi said India now had a good sense of the spread of the disease; urgent states to carefully examine specific geographical areas to come up with a road map for the next phase of lockdown; highlighted the importance of green zones in restarting economic activity; underlined that the full resumption of rail travel would not be possible; pointed out India will have to use technology in imparting education; and, more broadly, spoke about how the pandemic will change the world, just as the world did; and the new principal of life would be ” Jan se lekar jag tak ” (from the individual to have the whole of humanity).

In the backdrop of migrant workers returning home, Modi also emphasized that this will create challenges at two ends– states from where the migrants have left will have a labor shortage, and their home states will have to accommodate then economically while preventing the spread of the disease in rural areas.

Over six hours, all chief minister got an opportunity to speak– on the extension of the lockdown ( opinion was divided among the CMs but the majority view was continuing in the containment zones while relaxing it elsewhere) the issue of migrant workers ( the dominant concern was the possibility of returning workers spreading the disease); the authority of the states in decision-making (most states sought more autonomy in declaring red, orange and green zones) the resumption of train services(several CMs saw this as an unwise move); and the financial support states now need in the battle against the pandemic. The most stringent criticism of the Center came from the West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee.

Home Minister Amit Shah also spoke at the meeting, emphasizing the importance of the Arogya Setu AAP in tracking the disease.
In him, welcome remarks, according to an official statement, Modi said there was now a clear sense of the geographical spread of the pandemic in India, including the worst affected areas. ” Moreover, over the last few weeks, officials have understood operating procedures in a time such as this, right up to the district level.” this understanding, he said, will help the country in having a focused strategy. then over the meeting.

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