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Workers Returning Home Said That It Seems Good But Future Looks Bleak

Workers Returning Home Said That It Seems Good But Future Looks Bleak

This was the First special train for a migrant to leave Goa, The train, 20 compartments of which are taking 1196 passengers home, is expected to reach Gwalior Saturday morning.

Train ticket examiners and Goa government officials clapped and waved to the passengers as a special train for migrants left Thivim station for Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh Friday.

This was the first special train for a migrant to leave Goa. The train, 20 compartments of which is taking 1196 passengers home, is expected to Reach Gwalior Saturday morning.

Among the passenger was Kisan Kumar from Satna. who lost his job. “Returning home to feel good, but the future looks bleak. farming is an option but conditions are not good back home, ” He said. Next to him was Sourav Patel, 25, who said he plans to grow moong in his field, ” my brother is stuck in Delhi, in Gwalior, I have a family to feed after our father passed away, I worked in a hotel but with no guests now, the owner said it is best I leave.”

The exercise to send the migrant home involved coordination by the court and south collectorate of Goa. state police and the Konkan Railway.

IAS officer Kunal explained that the passenger for the train we’re selected on the basis of their home districts. ” These people are from the right districts near Gwalior. we have shared the data with Madya Pradesh.”

North Goa collector R Menaka said The migrants we’re screened and given food for the journey, few of those who had registered initially to go home later called to say they have started working again. we ensured the ones in distress we’re sent first.

On Tuesday night, officials of the two collectorates assembled the migrants at one location before taking them to the station, between 6 am and 11 am, buses reached Thivim.

The passenger was thermal-screened, given a parcel of food and allocated seats in the compartments, in adherence to distancing norms, 60 passengers sat in each compartment.

Officials from the directorate of health services said all the migrants we’re screened for fever and eight of them were asked to return to this shelter and promised a journey once they feel better.

While some left with no luggage, some were seen taking clothes and utensils back home.

Malik khan, 60, who works as a helper, said, “A few of us received calls that a storm has damaged our huts back home. we are going as it is though to eat free food at shelters here when your family is struggling without a roof, our jobs are gone anyway, I want to go home to help my family.”

Deepu Shakya carried a plant bucket, like many others. “many of us worked as masons and painters. These buckets are from the worksite. we have nothing to can’t our clothes in, so we are using them. Builders told us the world will not being for a few months, so we are returning home.

South Goa Collector Ajit Roy said, ” many are leaving because of a fear of uncertainty. we will keep our shelters running, all energies are focused on heading this crisis.

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