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CIVID-19 Vaccine Develop In China Trial On Animals And Successfully

CIVID-19 Vaccine Develop In China Trial On Animals And Successfully

A Coronavirus Vaccine developed in China has been proven effective in monkeys.

PICoVacc, a vaccine made by Beijing-bassed Sinovac Biotech, used a very typical method to prevent the virus from infecting life forms: putting a crippled virus into and animal’s body, forcing its immune systems to produce antibodies. The antibodies will also kill normal viruses.

The researchers injected the vaccine into rhesus macaques, a kind of monkey originating in India, and then exposed the monkeys to the novel coronavirus three weeks later.

Another week later, the monkeys that look the largest doses of the vaccine did not have the virus in their lungs, meaning that the vaccines worked.

Meanwhile, the monkeys that didn’t get PiCoVacc caught the virus and developed server pneumonia.

The vaccine has been undergoing a human test in China since mid-April.

PiCoVacc is not the only COVID-19 vaccine that carries the hope to end the Pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Another similar product made by Chinese military institutions is being tested on humans. Sinopharm’s product, using the same method as PiCoVacc, has entered the second phase of clinical trials.

But, it may become hard for developers to find volunteers for testing in the near future since the number of knows coronavirus patients left in China is only the hundreds. The same situation brought the development of the SARS vaccine to a total stop back in 2003.

The clinical trials for the PiCoVacc are about to start later this year after the vaccine candidates were deemed to be safe upon testing it on the monkeys.

Currently, there are seven countries who have put their vaccines to clinical trials–for by China, one by the US, one by the UK and, one co-developed by the US and Germany.

Meanwhile, Italy and Israel have also informed that it has developed the vaccine.

According to the reports, the test is being carried out at Rome’s infectious-disease Spallanzani Hospital and the researchers have successfully managed to generate antibodies in mice that work on human cells.

On Tuesday, the serial’s defense Minister Naftali Bennett informed that country’s Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) has made a “significant breakthrough” in developing in antibody to the novel coronavirus.

Scientists at the country’s main Biological research institute have wrapped up the development phase and moved to patent and mass-produce the potential treatment, the report said.

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