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Achieving the perfect makeup doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Thanks to these handy tips and tricks you’ll never have to feel frustrated in front of the mirror again. whether you’re wondering how to nail the perfect cat-eye or make your lipstick stay on longer, you’ll find the best advice right. here, no matter if you’re a beginner or somewhat of a pro, you’re sure to learn a thing or two from these helpful hints.

1. QUICK SMOKEY EYE:- While a lot of smokey eye looks required several different shades of eye shadow and a whole lot of blending, there is a fast and easy alternative, simply use an eye pencil to draw a slanted hashtag above the outer corners of your eyes and blend with a smudger. doing so will instantly create a killer smokey eye that’s dark and light in all right places.

2. MAKE YOUR LIPSTICK LAST LONGER:- Whether it’s a wineglass or your husband’s cheek, lipstick has a knack for ending up everywhere but on your lips. if you find that yours keeps disappearing before that end of the day, try employing this handy trick to give it a longer life, after swiping on your lippy, place a tissue over your lips and that on some translucent powder, doing so will help set your color and make it instantly longer lasting.

3. DIY GEL EYELINER:- if you’re even in desperate need of some gel eyeliner and don’t have time to run to the shop, you can create your one, all you need is a regular kohl eye pencil and a lighter or match, Then hold the pencil under the flame for one second before allowing it to cool for 15. The consistency of the pencil will change before your eyes as it becomes softer and easier to apply. your new smudgier, gel eyeliner should now simply and smoothly glide onto your eyes.

4. MATCH LIP COLOUR WITH CHEEKS:- Matching your lip color with your cheeks creates a lovely, coordinated, and natural appearance. To achieve the look without a dual-purpose product, you can easily turn your favorite lip crayons into a cream blush, just apply some to the back of your hand before using your fingers to blend it across your cheeks.

5. HEATING UP EYELASH CURLER:- if you find that curling your lashes the regular way only kips them lifted for a short amount of time, try heating up your curler before using it. just as your curling wand helps your hair hold it’s shaped with heat, so too can your eyelash curler. just as your blow-dryer to hit your eyelash curler with a blast of hot air. once heated, allow it to cool slightly, so you don’t burn on your eyelids. Then clam your lashes as per usual.

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