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Kim Jong-un from North Korea surfaced during the inauguration after three weeks

Kim Jong-un from North Korea surfaced during the inauguration after three weeks

North Korea state-run media is reporting that Kim long up made an appearance at a mayday celebration, which would be his first public appearance in about three weeks after global speculation over his health.

According to the core central news agency (KCAN), Kim spoke publicly at an event to celebrate labor day and inaugurate a fertilizer plant.

“When the function phosphatic fertilizer manufacturing plants go into operation, it will represent a historical development in our county’s fertilizer industry, it will be a glorious revolution and a splendid display of our nations great economic potential, and it will be an uplifting banner that assures us of the achievements of our country’s general economic frontline, ” Kim said, according to the KCNA report.

The report added the Kim “expressed satisfaction about the wonderful creation ” and congratulations staff from the Kim Chaek University of Technology, ” reputedly stressing that talents are a great source and a motive power of the development of the country.”

KCNA also released a still photograph purportedly showing Kim at the ceremony. the picture shows him cutting a red ribbon, with his sister Kim Yo-jong behind him.

All the participants again burst into thunderous cheers of ” hurrah” the news agency said, taking it’s the characteristically fulsome tone for coverage of the leader, it said that Mr. Kim, ” warmly acknowledged the builder and masses raising thunderous cheers” and went on to tour the factory, accompanied by senior officials from the ruling workers parting including his only sister Kim Yo-long.

Although no outside media was apparently allowed to witness the ceremony, the report by the North’s official Korea central news agency followed a familiar pattern. state media typically report Mr. Kim publicly appearance a day after they take place, carrying photos from the scene as well.

South Korea governed did not immediately comment on the report, but it has pushed back against the recent speculation that Mr. Kim was in poor health. it’s unification ministers, Kim Yoen-Chul, had called the reports” fake news” saying that South Corea say “confidently” that there was no evidence to confirm the rumors.

Amid the reports, North Corea had continued to send out letters and gifts to a foreign leader and domestic workers under Mr. Kim’s name, but until Saturday, it had gone weeks without any reporting public appearance by it’s a leader or responding to the speculation about his health, said is silence fueled the rumor mill.

As recently as Friday, Ji Seong-ho, a North Korea defector who recently won a seat in the South Corea parliament, told reporters that he was “99 percent sure” that Mr. Kim had died last weekend.

The weeks of rumors showed how “unprepared” the outside world remains ” for a potential political crisis caused by something like the sudden, unexpected that of the dictator in a counting bristling with dozens of Nuclear Weapons, said Danny Russell, vice president of the Asia Society Policy Institute.

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