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John Krasinski talked about his upcoming paranormal film A Quiet Place Part 2

John Krasinski is back with the sequel to his paranormal thriller film, “A Quiet Place Part 2,” and starring alongside his wife Emily Blunt, who he called his best working actress and greatest collaborator. The writer, director, producer and lead actor amazed audiences two years ago with the sound design that ensnared viewers in a edgy, at times breathlessly quiet viewing experience, as the family navigated chaos and deadly creatures.

John Krasinski said My wife and I were genuinely beleaguered by how much benevolence and respect people gave us and so as clichéd as it sounds, this is to show gratitude to the people would came out on the first one,” he said of the decision to make the follow-up film. He said he couldn’t do a movie that wasn’t as natural and personal to him.

The father of two John Krasinski said, “The first movie as psycho as it sounds was like a love letter to my kids and what I feel about being a parent and this one is my dream for my kids. I hope that they are as courageous and daring and willing to be the people who light the candles in the middle of the dark that’s what this movie is all about.” Krasinski also hailed his wife’s eagerness for signing on to be in the second movie. John Krasinski said with a laugh that his wife was a tough sell. He thought he had an in, joking about being married to his co-star. Emily said, ‘Listen the first one was so personal to you, why don’t you go write the script and if I can see that it’s as personal only then I’ll do it.’ Emily just read the first scene and she was like, I’m in John said he was lucky to have her.”

While the movie is a nod to John Krasinski’s family, his wife Emily has made it clear that their kids won’t be seeing the movie any time soon “Emily says that the movie is PG-4.The trailer for “A quiet place part 2” gives a quick look at an intense driving scene and stunts that Blunt got in one take without any rehearsal. John Krasinski said his wife is “without a doubt in his opinion, the best actress working right now. More than that Emily is the smartest with script notes. She’s the smartest with direction ideas and more importantly, Emily is the cast and crew’s favorite person on set,” John added. “So she’s a gift to have on set.” On top of his success with the budding film franchise, John Krasinski said a different dream for his career has nearly come true hosting the popular show “Saturday Night Live.”

John Krasinski said he’s having an existential discussion with his 8-year-old self every day,” he said. he was just 8 years old when he found an old black and white TV in his parents’ basement, snuck it under his bed and watched every Saturday Night Live from when was 8 to until he was 18 and he only told my mom this weekend at the premiere. “A Quiet Place Part 2″ will hit theaters nationwide on Friday, March 20.

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