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Accusations came into life against Timothy Hutton for raping a girl in his 20s

Recently Timothy Hutton has stated that he is been extracted by a woman, Sera Dale Johnston that he has to give million dollars to her and otherwise she will go to the reported and will bring false accusation that he assaulted her sexually around 37 years ago. By this statement, Timothy Hutton has said that he has not done anything like that. It is so lonely the way of advantage of wealth and that is why the woman is blackmailing him to get some money out of him right now. This was the exact information what his representatives shared with the media.

Buzzfeed has published the fall story from this woman but Timothy Hutton has gone to FBI to file a provisional case against this woman of extortion. He has filed statement buy skating all the accusation Ms Johnston has brought against him say to the press that Timothy Hutton will not lose hope without proper fighting. According to him, it is defamation going against him regarding a matter which has not taken place at all. He has also decided to send the BuzzFeed to retract the news and this is a legal demand from his side to the organisation. According to him BuzzFeed has defamed him and try to destroy his quotation.

The Oscar-winning actor, Timothy Hutton as actually faced the allegation from this moment for a false incident back in 1983 when the woman was 14 years old and he was in his 20s. According to the women, the incident place while the film, Iceman was in making. Ms Johnston told that she and her two friends got an invitation from Timothy Hutton in his hotel room in Vancouver. There he raped her and then another one. Hutton has completely designed the accusation and told the reporter that he has never done this heinous crime against anyone. He stated that the woman is trying to extract a lot of money from him and also she is going to go to press with the false accusation if the money is not given to her. The lawyer of Timothy Hutton has also told the reporters that there is no such evidence against him and that is why the allegation is completely false and the woman is trying to defame him and destroy his career by the accusation.

Currently, Timothy Hutton has hired two different landforms to get the exact idea of this case. The law of arms already assigned spokespeople who will represent him in front of the press and will submit a 91-page letter to the police to support the statement made by Timothy Hutton. This supported this fact that the allegation is false because the woman has not raised issue till 2017 and now she is certainly accusing Timothy Hutton of a crime which is not done by him at all. Now this whole cases taking a turn and it is here to reveal what has exactly happened with her.

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