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Ben Affleck playing the role of an alcoholic basketball in The Way Back

People love to watch the films of Ben Affleck on screen. He got lots of love from his movie- The Accountant, which was directed by Gavin Connor. But he was not active on display for many years, and now he is coming back with The Way Back. The story of the movie is about the life of a basketball player who lost all his family. He then struggles as a coach. The acting makes you feel the real darkness of life. The tagline of the film is ONE SHOT FOR A SECOND CHANCE. His role in playing an alcoholic basketball player is full of emotional heft and all kind of trustworthiness.

The movie starts with a  basketball and turns out to something else. Affleck is playing the role of Jack Cunninggham, who has strong prospects to plag on college basketball tournament. After he lost all his buddies, he is down to the bar and takes long walks in the night alone. The movie is full of motivation in life. The story shows the present tale of Jack then takes back to the past. In his past romance, they show lifelong pain and suffering. It is the reason the movie named The Way Back. Jack was very connected to sports that, after losing all his families, he straight back to his games. Luckily, he then gets a call from the priest who was in charge of the high school for working as a basketball coach. They called Jack because the previous coach has some health problems and has to go. But, for a long time, if skipping to play, he first refused the job and then ready to join as a basketball coach.

The name of the team for which he was coaching is Ragtag. He trained them with all his effort and made the team win in the final match. The Way Back film gives a motivational message to all those who never skip their profession at any age. If the teacher offers the effort to teach their student, then it will need to take much time for him to become a magical teacher. The role of Jack in the movie will make all of the audience cries. His acting and situation that he faces in his life are very tough. But, training the kids of schools brings him the reason to proceed with his life—the movie addict you to think about the high school coach instead of skipping the game. The last moment of winning makes the moment feel proud of their coach.

The Way Back is a movie related to the maturity of thinking. Affleck performance is no doubt the best one than before. It is a mid-budget film that is full of values like earlier movies. The movie does not focus on hunting awards. Its a movie based on the real-life experience of a basketball player and who commits to follow his profession by teaching the school kids and win at the final match. It is going to grab attention among the people.

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