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The CEO of Disney Bob Iger replaced by Bob Chapek.

The CEO of Disney Bob Iger, will get replaced very soon. Reports say that product chairman Bob Chapek will be the new CEO of Disney. But Iger will remain as executive chairman till the end of 2021. In a recent discussion report with the investors, Iger said that he felt the asset base in place and now spending much of his time in a side business. He is also doing amole projects and trying to bring some creativity to his work. Inner also told the investors that it is an exciting day, and if I exist or not, but the content will always gain priority. After the successful launch of the twenty-first-century fox, he told in the press that it’s the time to welcome the new CEO. Chapek is working with Bob Iger for the last 27 years he knows him very well, and he deserves to be the new CEO. Under Chapek, the business for the company will be fantastic. As he is a talented guy, so there is nothing risky for the investors and shareholders of the company.

For Disney, It had been 15 years for Bob Iger to be the CEO. He had come across various challenging businesses and also repaired the broken relationship between Steve jobs. He takes the company to $7 billion. The next right decision of Inner was to purchase Marvel Entertainment I’m 2009. Disney bought it for $4 billion. It successfully increases the Disney Stock value in those days. The time was a significant risk for Disney for investing such a grand amount. But, the return from marvel entertainment brought to give foreign earnings. It collected more than $28 billion at the box office. Inner describes all his journey in his book, The Ride of a Lifetime. Again in 2012, Inner takes another risk for purchasing Lucasfilm for $4 billion. This step taken by him is also successful for Disney. He also bought 21st Century fox by investing $71 billion. It was among the highest Entry in the box office.

Later, Inner big projects move to launch Disney plus. In over three months, it gained over 28 million subscribers who were the highest majority stake. Further, it grew to 30 million subscribers. ESPN Plus is among the most significant sports streaming service. Disney also helped ESPN to increase its functions. All the Disney employees blessed Inner to make Disney the most successful entertainment and media company in the world. Chapek also has a lot of experience with Inner, and Bob Iger said that it’s a proud moment for him to take the front row seat and maintain the lead for the company. Bob Chapek said that whatever achievement that Disney has the gain, that’s only because of the management team, including the CEO. The journey of Disney is a storytelling life event. Disney is always coming successfully from significant risk factors in the last 15 years.

 After the news of Changing the CEO of Disney, Investors bring questions about the future Disney plans and asked about Disney Stock values. They also raised questions about the direct consumer strategies for investing. Both Bob Iger and Bob Chapek handle the matters if investors and explains all the arrangements for Disney in upcoming years. Inner blessed Chapek for being the next CEO of Disney.

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