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Varying Weights Can Improve The Strength In Muscles

Recently some researchers found out that if you decrease the weight lifted by you in the gym then you will be able to improve your performance in a much more efficient way. The researchers are from the University of Lincoln in the UK. They showed that if the weight lifters around the world want to increase their performance level then they should reduce the weight they lift India’s respective training. This phenomenon will also help them to maintain their strength as well as will reduce the constant muscle fatigue taking place in them. Generally, all the adults do muscle training for 2 days in a week. So many exercises are included in this training like sit up, press up and weight lifting. The people who are into some sort of sports need much more muscle strength than any other person. For that, proper muscle training is very much important for them. They always try to improve their performance by maximizing the time and efficiency of their workout session, but that is not enough. There is also a type of percentage-based training in weightlifting.

If they can find some alternative method of this, they can also opt for velocity-based training which a kind of weightlifting is also. The researches chose 16 men from the ages of 18 to 29. The criteria for choosing them was that they had to have at least two years of experience in weightlifting. All of them were divided into two groups. One group had to do percentage-based training and other group had to do velocity based training. The researchers noted down the weights lifted by the participants. At last, it was seen that the velocity-based training group lifted less weight than the percentage-based training group. In this process, the researchers made sure that a particular athlete left the maximum load he can take. In this way, it was proved that if a person lifts too much weight, he can go through muscle fatigue which is risky.

If in a 6-week training, weightlifters can do bench press, overhead press, squat press, deadlift, and countermovement jump and repeat all of them in their exercises, they will be able to perform better than the people who lift a lot of weight during their training session. The difference in the performance of the percentage-based training and velocity based training increased but not in a very large range. In this study, the researchers try to tell that in a conventional training method, small improvements can be done to improve the overall performance of an athlete. To improve the performance they don’t need to lift a lot of weight regularly and instead, they should pay attention to their performance as well as to avoid the risk of getting injured during the training session because a lot of muscle fatigue case had been seen among the weightlifters who try to lift a large amount of weight regularly to increase their performance level. This process is wrong.

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