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All Our Personal Health History Is Under The Control Of The Tech Giants

Health data usually mean when did you visit a doctor, what medicine you take for what disease. Tech giants still know all these health information that we don’t share on the internet. It is because of the developing technologies of data marketing software. Google keeps all that record that we don’t share it. It tracks all our visited location to know about our demand and show relevant ads relating to our need.

If we remove all our names and health history from the NHS, still we are there on the internet as our previous data not deleted yet. Thus, all these tech giants companies target us to buy their product by showing the ads of our demand. Some people don’t notice why all this is happening, but it still exists to make their sales grow better. Even we are not sure if NHS sells all our health data to any companies or not. But, somehow there is a link between American drug companies and NHS regarding the health data of the public. It seems like all our data get sold to the companies for marketing.

Society is no more under the control of their data. It feels creepy to know that all the online recommendations for buying products show suggestions with our demand. For example, if I post the pic of a dog on social media. After a sometimes suggestion to buy dog foods is displayed everywhere. The online data market is running like a watch match on our activities, even if we can’t guarantee that our data is in a safe hand or not. For this reason, Frank Pasquale, a law professor from the University of Maryland law professor, calls it Black Box.

Whatever is happening with our data is illegal. But the volume of data marketing has reached to such extent that the protection law of data privacy will not work anymore. GDPR also doesn’t take any action regarding data privacy.

For Internet giants, our little to little information has essential value. They use all these data to plan a marketing strategy to gain financial profit. They are crossing the boundaries of knowing people and still No strict action regarding all the policies made out.

Not only limited to health factors, but social media platforms also use these data for building a political position by showing positive reviews about the politician.

The black box society does not only give all our data to the web seekers, but all the public are reaching towards a dark economy where they are in manipulation. No one is still noticing the consequences of this data business. Last month, the report showed big data broker companies that sell all the public data to gambling companies. It is just like a tip for them. They have software to display the targeted ads to their audience, which they use on people like us.

Google claimed regarding keeping data that all these data can save 100,000 lives if they are with them. It also promised not to leak all the data. But the actual reality behind it is hidden. Nobody knows what happens inside and what plan they have regarding this data.

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