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‘Pariah’ Cruise Docks after the Rejection from 5 Ports due to Coronavirus Threat

The threat of coronavirus is increasing in all the countries around the world and the effect is quite dangerous for everyone. Because a lot of things happening around us due to this disease which is not acceptable in any condition.

Cruise ship became stranded in the middle of the sea just because several ports refused that she stood ok because they were worried that the passengers will bring the coronavirus to that country.

At last, Cambodia allowed the ship to dock in their country. Yes, this kind of situation was faced by MS Westerdam shape which was turned away by the total five places around Asia. And according to most of the people, it was not ethical to do that just buy the suspension without any strong proof of the passengers having coronavirus syndrome with them.

Sometime before the Valentine ship from Japan had the infection among more than 200 passengers and that is why it was refused to dock in most of the ports. But the Westerdam had more than 2000 passengers and crew members but no one had any threat of having coronavirus in them.

On the last Tuesday, Westerdam tries to dock in the port of Bangkok but they completely denied to let it do that. A navy ship from Thailand escorted the ship out of the gulf area of Thailand and right then the ship started its journey towards Cambodia and finally it docked in Sihanoukville in Cambodia on Thursday.

The passengers of this ship told the reporters that they saw land after a long time and the whole experience is quite breath-taking. Because they could not believe their eyes that they are seeing the piece of land finally.

The Westerdam is a US-based shape governed by the Holland America line. It departed from Hong Kong on the 1st of February in 2020 with 802 crew members and around 1455 passengers in total. And except Thailand, they were turned away by Guam, Japan, Philippines, and Taiwan.

The captain of the ship confirmed that I health check-up will be done in the dock itself in Cambodia before letting them enter into the country. And after the whole procedure, the people of the ship can go to their respective countries from Phnom Penh which is the capital of Cambodia.

The World Health organization appreciated Cambodia because of their deed. Because currently, no countries are interested in entertaining any ship from China because of the worldwide threat of coronavirus disease. And in that case, Cambodia has shown the sign of humanity above all which is a great deal for the whole world in the current scenario.

According to most of the people, we all should be e sympathetic to each other and try to help each other out in the current situation of crisis. And Cambodia did exactly that when all the five countries refused to entertain a ship with a lot of passengers in it.

Cambodia kept humanity above the political calculations.

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