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The Reviews On Razr $1500 Raise Question For Ita Durability

From the earlier reviewers, Motorola’s new foldable Razr gathered average notices.

Patrick Holland wrote for Cnet, “If this phone didn’t fold in half, it would be a solid mid-tier Android phone,”

In Tom’s guide, Adam Ismail’s verdict was very harsh. The verdict was made between the Razr’s quality, middle camera, not so good enough battery life, the folding feature, and on its lower performance; all the feature of Razr’s are not so enough to save on it. The device is not giving the expected result from its functioning and features. From the performance of Razr’s, it is found that it is not so good enough to match the price range of $1500.

The company brought too many changes in Razr’s to make it too thin so that it will not overheat also. But due to the changes in Razr, it affected the performance of it also. Sascha Segan states PCMag.

In the designing of Motorola Razr’s, the manufacturers added looks and feel in the Android to let it appear as a $1500 piece. But, when it comes to the usage of Razr, it is not worth it. The performance of Razr is not up to the mark, and it does not perform like a piece of $1500.

The Personality Of Razr:

Holland said that no doubt, it has a few deficiencies, but still, there is no android in the market as Razr, who will give such a personality as it does. Razr gives a feel of personality, which no other phone can offer to the user.

He told in his statement in TechNewsWorld that, androids are now more personal. The manufacturer of Razr thought to bring something in the android, which will be liked by the public. Razr is completely different from the other androids, as it has a new interactive personality.

In his statement, O’Donnell said that, nowadays, people want to reflect their personality via their androids, and Razr has the feature which does so.

The Durability Issues With Razr:

Motorola ensures to the public that, still, the issues are remaining regarding the durability of Razr. Frank E. Gillett, who is the principal analyst of Forrester Research, said that people used to expect usually 3 years from the androids and gadgets to run. He told in the TechNewsWorld that their audience is little small with Razr. They are expecting people who like to keep a small phone in their pockets.

It has been said that the durability of the android will come to know when the customers will start using for some time, said Kevin Krewell, who is the principal analyst at Tirias Research. Tirias Research is the research and advisory tech firm, which is based on Phoenix and Arizona.

What About Razr’s Battery?

The reviewers found disappointment from the battery of Razr. In comparison to other androids, Razr battery has low potential with longer battery life. Other than this, the battery is dependent upon how the customer is using his phone. It is estimated that the phone will run 5 hours with gaming.

No doubt, Motorola’s Razr is something, which has a great personality.

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