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Hong Kong Flights got suspended due to the sudden occurrence of coronavirus by American Airlines!

On Tuesday, American Airlines suspended the Hong Kong flight service. Due to the spread of coronavirus, the flight to and from Dallas/Fort Worth, and Los Angeles, these are halted till Feb 20.

The Union represents last week that, near around 15000 American Airlines pilots, has sued to end the flights of China, which includes Hong Kong as well. The Americans suspended the mainland china flights till 27 March last week, but the flight of Hong Kong will be continued. The United and Delta both took the same steps.

Due to the concern of coronavirus, the Allied Pilots Association advised stopping the Hong Kong flights, the statement is given by the Union Spokesman. The coronavirus has affected lots of lives in China, around 2000p are suffering from it, and 400 die. Local health officials do the survey. According to the survey of the World’s Health Organization, about 150 cases of coronavirus are found in the two dozen countries, which are outside China. The World’s Health Organization declared the Coronavirus as a global health emergency.

An American Airlines Spokesman said in his statement that, we are concerned about the virus, and will monitor its activity everywhere. If there is any update about the coronavirus, we will update it to people if needed.

The Union applauded the decision. The Spokesman of American Airlines Boeing 737 Capt. Dennis Tejar said in his statement that we are proud of the decision of American Airlines, as they are so much protected for the safety of the public. In this uncertain time, it is good to see American Airlines working for passengers, employees, and communities. Plus, he added that the airlines heard the demand of the pilots as well; he said that the American’s service would continue in all China includes Hong Kong, but only when the stakeholders will find it safe for everyone.

Due to the deadly coronavirus spreading all over the world, the Airlines across to and from all over China are suspended. On Tuesday, the United announced that, due to the drop in demand, the service is suspended to and from Hong Kong as well.

The dangerous coronavirus came from China and affecting the people very much. Everyone is concerned about the issue. In China, there are several people, who got affected by the virus. Some are still under observation of doctors, and some have died. Researches are going on to find a solution to the virus. But the problem is that there is no vaccination still found to treat the issue. Americans do not want to get affected by the virus, that is why; they suspended all the flights to and from mainland China. Plus, the flights connect with Hong Kong are also suspended due to the spread of the virus over there. The coronavirus is affecting Airlines and the stock market as well. The American Airlines Union decided to continue the flights when the situation come under control.

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