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Peanut Allergy Drug approved by the US FDA!

In children, peanuts allergy is common. The US FDA approved the first treatment for peanut allergy in children. The drug AR 101, or Palforzia, which uses the immunotherapy. In the therapy, the children are given an increasing amount of peanut protein to the children. In over six months period, the protein is given to the children under the supervision of medical experts.

To deal with the accidental exposure, the patients have to take the daily dosage of it to maintain the balance in the body. The treatment given to the patients is not surely cured the medical issue. Even, they claim that the risk will remain the same for the fatal anaphylactic reaction.

The very important thing to consider is, the patients should not consume peanuts at all in their diet. Otherwise, it will affect them for sure. In the US, the peanuts are proven to be the most allergic food item. Across the West in recent decades, peanuts are proven to be very efficient food items, which can cause allergy to humans.

Even some of the trials also made on desensitize patients for the peanut allergy. In the test of peanut allergy on patients, the first medicine approved by the US Food and Drug Administrative. Till now, the drug does not come outside in the UK for dealing with the issue. Palfozia is made for children who are under the age of 4 to 17. Palforzia comes in powder form, which is to be sprinkled over food.

The scientists of king’s college London said last year that the immunotherapy is the protection, not the cure of the problem. It is made for peanut allergy, which is effective in its results if it is taken in a small dosage regularly.

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