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All Candidates Started Their Game In New Hampshire

After the results of Iowa Caucuses, all the candidates started their respective campaigns to get favors towards them for the next level of nomination. After the chaos happened in the result declaration of Iowa Caucuses, all the candidates headed towards New Hampshire for the further procedure. The final results of the Iowa Caucuses remained inconsistent because of the chaos in data. This type of confusion was created because of the app used to declare the result. Most of the precinct members could not download or login to the app and that is why the result was delayed. Later on, it was informed that it was a coding related issue.

After all these incidents the top-level candidates moved to the New Hampshire for the next set of procedures regarding the nomination. The delay in the announcement of the result caused some laws for the candidate who has won the contest. The campaigning and the procedure to raise the money and start the work with momentum was slowed down because of this. At the time of the announcement of the result the AP broke down but also the call lines were jammed. This is a big reason for the failure too.

Due to this confusion, some of the candidates who were already leading the Iowa Caucuses portrait their data regarding the favourability towards them and that is why the pole became highly vulnerable. Some of the candidates showed a different level of confidence by stating that they were quite certain about their winning. And this thing increases because of the delay in announcing the result. It is the first contest for the United States presidential season and that is why the declaration of the result is quite important. It is the indicator to know which candidate will do well in the later contest of the presidential election.

It is the gathering of the neighbors for polling and in this election, all the neighbors of Iowa gather up to choose the candidate among the nominations. Every time the main team of precinct chairs gathers to share the candidates and also they make a worksheet of results which will be declared later. Then the results are declared through two types of mediums which are the mobile app and call lines which are called hotlines. But this time proper training was not given to the people who will check the results from the apps. And that is why they faced serious trouble in downloading and logging in to the app. After that people tried to check the result through 2 phone lines but those were also jammed because of the overloading. The chairman of the democratic party, Mr. Bagniewski believe that proper training should have been given to the precinct chairs so that they can access the app without any technical problem. This whole scenario made it impossible to declare the result on time and the delay took place. And when the result was declared the candidates already left for the New Hampshire contest by their private jets.

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