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European Economic growth is declining to Zero!

 Friday was not so good for Europe. The European Union has become officially smaller, who lost Britain as a member. In the new data, it is mentioned that the growth of economic in the bloc came to a standstill, this became the danger of slipping into the recession.


During the last three months of 2019, It is estimated, for the 28 countries of the European Union that, these countries are only growing by 0.1%. The estimation is given to the public, which is made according to the official statistics. Do you know Eurozone? The Eurozone is those 19 countries, which use the euro. In that period of time, these 19 countries were also growing at the same amount.


First performance made by the European Union; it left Europe with a small amount of margin, which is made for the errors it broaches. It is for the economic impact of the coronavirus. When it comes to the problem, the growth of the American Economy was also declined. From 2016, the growth declined constantly lower. The largest trading partner is the United States.


To the bad growth of the economy, there are several factors, which have contributed to it, said by economists. The inclusion made on this topic was of the strikes of France, and the political confusions of Italy, and the trade which is slumping of the entire world.


Brexit has not explained anything yet. The trade of cross channel is still can be negotiated according to the future terms. There are a few companies that are not hiring new employees for work. Even though those companies are not spending on the expansion of the companies.


As compared to the previous quarters, the growth of economics was very much slower. During 2019, the Eurozone countries start growing at 1.2%, estimated by Eurostat. Eurostat is the European Union’s Official Statistics Agency. The bloc includes some of the countries, which are not from the Eurozone. Those countries, which are not included in Eurozone ae, Sweden, Poland, and Romania, which are increasing their economics by 1.4%.


On Friday, the note was sent to the investors, in which it was written by Christoph Weil that, “The Spector of Recession is back”.


The coronavirus was another issue that came into the concern of the public and researchers. China is the main customer of the products from Europe and cars from Germany. The Europeans are also in stress because, president Trump could follow through on threats, which can put a tariff on the manufactured going on there. There are a few economists who passed that, in the fourth quarter of 2019, the growth of the European economy will start increasing. It will start getting recover in the fourth quarter of 2019. Britain found to be headed from the exit got from the European Union. But not, that danger is also made for the past only. It will not affect the present.

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